Did a genius protect his invention?
A secret hidden for 300 years
Among ciphers and geometry

The incredible machine

In 1712 and the next decade, Johann Ernst Elias Bessler alias Orffyreus demonstrated four different perpetual motion machines in public. The machines never failed public tests, nor private tests. The machine performed external work, in opposition to general mathematics and suspicious physicists and philosophers with their known energy and gravity laws. The royal certificates, test-reports, letters to and from noblemen and an encoded sketchbook is now available for modern researchers to investigate. An ancient mystery can finally be solved.

Does a secret code exist?

It has become known that something looking like a hidden code may exists in Orffyreus' publications and private papers. If Orffyreus left codes in his public and private work, we must seek to understand the message, whatever the ansver should be! This is a true historical mystery that needs to be solved and made public. I have worked on this case for nearly 20 years and have gotten to a point where a set of long sought codes has been found and even verified by external parties. I am excited to announce that Orffyreus did leave inteligent hidden information, disclosing several historical secrets. 

What does the code tell?

Orffyreus secret codes describes a special, unique and controversial energy invention by ORFFYREUS in 1712. I discovered encoded descriptions of something that fits inside a rotating machine. It was hidden through hiherto unknown codes. These codes consisted of genious manipulations and a "symbiosis" of text, numbers and/or hidden geometry. Early in 2015 I also discovered that his publications contains several much older Rosicrucian and early Masonic codes. with unexpected historical implications.
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