In 1712 Johann Ernst Elias Bessler alias Orffyreus demonstrated his first self moving machine, a perpetual Motion machine to the public. In the 13 following years he kept building and demonstrating at least 4 different machines. The machines never failed public tests, nor private tests. The machines performed external work, right in the face of suspicius and renowed mathematicans, physicists and philosophers with their energy and gravity laws.
The machine was thoroughly investigated  and openly supported by renowned historical persons like Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Christian Wolff and Prince Charles I, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, the latter also inspecting the inside of the machine. After the inspection he was declaring it true and he payed the inventor a sum of money and a position as councilor to the Prince. He even got a house at the royal property.
At that time, Orffyreus, the new councilor, got access to the largest room at the castle where he built his largest wheel. This wheel was a "monster" and measured over 12 feet in diameter. In this room the wheel was exhibited for the intellectual elite in Europe and underwent the famous and successful 2 months test. The wheel rotated at 25RPM with load or without load. It could rotate to the left or to the right. It could pump water, lift stampers or lift cases of stones of  a 100 pounds from the castle property and up to the windows. The wheel still rotated with the same speed when inspected after a month, and was still rotating with the same speed of 25 RPM when inspected and forcefully stopped after 2 months.
Something extraordinary was happening at Castle Weisseinstein, Kassel, Germany!
All royal certificates, published books and the inventors private papers are available for investigation.
If Orffyreus left codes in his public and/or private work, we must seek to understand the message, whatever the ansver is!
We must seek the answer even if it show us how he tricked people of the highest rank throughout most of Europe. The reason is: either way that Orffyreus demonstrated in front of Princes and kings men/military, an action that is not explainable through mechanical means available in 1712, and the decade to follow. (running cats/dogs/midgets or springs).
We have uncovered hitherto hidden/ciphered information and want the public to eventually know the messages Bessler left in his papers. Then, hopefully his good name and reputation will be restored at last.
Youtube video by Johns Collins
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