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The toypage

In Orffyreus` Maschinen Tractate, 141 drawings appear. This was a book that he kept at home, but his wife left the book to the state after his death. The first page also contains a note about how some pages was removed to hide the secret if the book gets in the wrong hands. 
Orffyreus has mentioned that he will not give away the secret for free, and something about being happy with a post humous vindication.
This would mean that the unpublished book Maschinen Tractate would contain a large portion of his cipher-system. This book would only be published if he managed to sell the wheel, so if he died without disclosing the secret, the secret would be contained in this book. He instructed his wife to leave this book to the state after his death. It would also mean that the secret system must be easier to detect in this book, than iin his publications. Or used in combination with his published work!
Our investigation has confirmed the existence of a cipher-system in most of the pages. Some reveal the whole system, other reveals portions of it while the rest has little or no hidden information.
The page that has been discussed the most is the "Toy Page". The Toypage has this little comment, implying that there is indeed something to discover here.
"5 Children's game, in which there is something extraordinary for anyone who knows how to apply the game in a different way."
- Johann Bessler 
We in "Team Mason X" discovered how to apply the game in a different way! We discovered the description of an ancient secret code namely "Pythagoras Secret".. Basically it proves and uses the origin of masonry, as described by the great 33.Degree Freemason Albert Pike. Orffyreus proves it in a very clever way, in the last page of his personal notebook!
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