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Orffyreus vs Shakespeare and the Freemasons Holy Grail

First we take look at Francis Bacons watermarks. Similar watermarks are also found in Shakespeare. Here we see some of the Rosy Cross emblems. 

Here, possibly making a reference to Christian Rosenkreuz.

Then we can compare to Orffyreus Poetische Apologie. In the covers we can spot a watermark similar to the RC emblems.
The book was printed in Kassel in the year 1717, and the original Rosicrucian manifestos was also published in Kassel.
My research has proven those watermarks to be a part of a secret intellectual quest for the Masonic Holy Grail. Is the initials C.R. really Christian Rosencretuz? Or could it be a pseudonym or abbrevation for a location? The Rosicrucians are encouraged to search for the location of this allegorical person, "Frather or Father C.R."
But let's go on and look at an example where the methods in Shakespeares first folio (1623) and Orffyreus' Apologia Poetica (1717) seems to contain similar methods. Here we see several "W" line up, almost looking like they could be supporting some secret geometrical structure:
And in Apologia Poetica by Orffyreus p.87 Part 1, we some peculiar W and V:
Both publication seems to contain similar hidden codes. Both seems to be written by someone with the knowledge of Rosy Cross or "RC".
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