In the book "Two Grails" I actually travel to France and discover the ancient magic stone called "The Holy Grail", exactly where Orffyreus and the Rosicrucian codes tell.... With the inscription (or cipher key?) in hand, I am about to discover more than I ever could dream of...
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At the moment I am working on two books that eventually will be available for sale:
  • Two Grails (Finished)
  • The Lost Key of Orffyreus (A work in progress)
If you want to phurcase these boks, please recomend me to a possible publisher, other reseachers or cowriters to get this material "off the ground". 
What the test readers said:
(Feedback from 3 out of 3 readers)

Fascinating and quite "sick". In my opinion it's not possible that this is some coincidence. It could turn out to be an important document. I have to say that is was so cool that I have to read it again. But if the historical encoded invention by Orffyreus is rediscovered, then "all bets are off"..

IT-founder and programmer:
You have got explosive dynamite there. It beats everytning I have seen in this cathegory. I had to read it twice to get full overview. It really deserves to be treated in a full TV documentary.

Founder and professional gamler:
At first it wasn't so convincing, but half way it started to get both interresting and convincing. I am very impressed about your knowledge in all the paintings, books and writing you bring up. The Vatican coin code was expecially cool, and if no one has published the hidden solution in the Albrecht Durer magick square, I have to say that it's sensational.
The book starts off with an announcement made by the Norwegian TV2 in 2014. The discovery of the Holy Chalice or "The Holy Grail" in León, northern Spain.

In this article, two very different Holy Grails is described by two individual historical accounts from the 1200s. The book "Two Grails" sets out to find the other Grail. The magical, invisible stone that will give you unlimited wealth and powers. Two Grails! 
We follow the trails left by Orffyreus through the Rosicrucian codes, all the way from modern masonry through the Shugborough inscription, Orffyreus papers, Shakespeare, King James Bible, Nicolas Poussin, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Albrecht Durer the middle ages, early Muslim/Islamic secret societies and all the way back to Egypt, Tutankhamun toomb, Akhenaten and Nefertiti. We discover the secrets of the ancient mystery schools. Still preserved in secret societies and encoded in some of the most known books in history. All this was a part of the codes hidden in Orffyreus papers. Be prepared to be amazed.
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