My WEB pages

A list of the WEB-pages that I run. All sites are based upon the hidden Code found in Orffyreus publications and personal notes.
Cracking the Code of Orffyreus: (You are here)
Orffyreus explains the code in the shugborough monument:
Orffyreus proves codes in Albrecht Durer famous paintings:  (under construction) 
Orffyreus proves that the masonic "Holy Grail" is hidden in the paintings of both Leonardo da Vinci and Leonardo of the North (Albrecht Durer): (under construction)
A main site that informes of all my work and WEB-pages etc.   (under construction)
A site dedicated to the Rosicrucian codes found in Shakespeare. Why and how did the Rosy Cross "infiltrate" the Shakespeare first folio? Did they also "infiltrate" other great works? And did Orffyreus know? (under construction)
A blog where I plan to speak more freely about things related to my work in hidden codes and thoughts and philosophy connected to these results.
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