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Albrecht Dürer vs. Orffyreus 5

Albrecht Durer (1471 - 1528) a German artist also called "Leonardo from North". He studied art in Italy (as Leonardo da Vinci) and was considered a genius with tremendous intellectual depth. He was also a profound mathematican and geometer.
By following Orffyreus codes, we find that Orffyreus is leading us to Albrecht Dürer. Then we find that in his Melencolia I, several of the masonic secrets found in the Orfyreus Code was applied, and the number "5" is turned upside/down, and it also seems to be missing the tail.
Let's turn it around:
Here we see how Orffyreus apply the same upside/down 5 without the tail,
in his scetches. Here, by applying a mirror, it reveals itself:
We are proud to announce that we know why both Orffyreus and Albrecht Durer did this and it will be available in the forthcomming publications.
Did Orffyreus know the codes in the paintings of Albrecht Durer? 
Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) Germany.
Here we can compare the result to the upside/down/mirrored number 5 in Orffyreus papers:
So, Orffyreus knew and applied Albrecht Durer secret code, 200 years after Durer painted his painting. So several people must have known the code all this years. We found this to be a part of a secret Rosicrucian, and later masonic heritage.
When the tail is finally added, it is easy to see that it becomes complete, as it should be.
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