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The Apologia Wheel vs. Euclid's Elements

In his Apologia Poetica Orffyreus wrote a special poem. This poem has been discussed for decades. Here i will look closer at a special passage.
"The qualities of the elements is neccesary to keep things going".
So what elements is Orffyreus talking about? The traditional view is that the passages in the poem describes mechanical configurations and actions inside his secret invention, his perpetual motion, or free energy wheel.
But what if the poem simply describes his secret code or cipher system?
I have investigated this for many years and the conlusion is: YES, many of the passages in his poem can be proven to point at different ways to hide geometric and numerical values in writings or pictures. All without the reader even knowing there is a second message in plain view.
Could it be that parts of his system is found in Euclids Elements, the worlds largest and best known geometric publication. The known Freemason Albert Pike once wrote that the whole freemasonry is based upon a single geometric figure in Euclids Elements. Could it bee that Orffyreus built his system upon another geometric figure in the same book, Euclids Elements?
If we look closer at the "Apologia wheel", and the text just above it, it is possible to find a connection to Euclid's Elements. The text is a biblical quote taken from Matth.XV. verse. 16.
The word "verse" is written as a "V" with a special font that could indicate a line passing through the letter, or it could also be written as IV. If so, it says: XV.IV.16
Then let's take a closer look at Euclid Elements. This front page says Euclid Elements XV books, meaning that it contains 15 main chapters or "books". 
If we search through the book we will find that the geometry needed to construct the main part of the Apologia wheel (a circle divided into 15 equal parts) actually is found in "Euclids elements"  LIBRI XV, Liber IV, propos. 16
This "problem" describes how to divide a circle into 15 parts by the use of a pentagon and a triangle. Just as Orffyreus had to do to draw his "Apologia wheel":
So this figure is actually teahing us: Pentagon and Triangle = 15, and of course we see straight away that mathematically this means: 5 x 3 = 15
On another page in Apologia Poetica, Orffyreus chooses only three letters with Upper case, Latin font, on the whole page. It is the letters E C P. They represent the alphabetic values 5, 3 and 15. I also found this to have something to do with the Rosicrucian number "53". It has several deeper mathematical purpose. The answer 15 is one of those purposes.
This is just small parts of a larger system. It will take many years of deep study to find all these cnnections. Then more years to remeber them, understand them and lastly apply them. There is no quick fix, but just hard study, and the ability to comprehend and process the matters continously for years. There is so much more to say, but I want to keep that for future readers of my books. Books that I seek publishers for ,or other interrested in developing my work further.
Pentagon & Triangle (5 x 3)
Can devide a circle into 15 equal parts.
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