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Similar methods

The Masons and Rosy Cross fraternity (RC) use hidden codes, but the various methodes is not very well documented as they leave much variations to the one doing the ciphering. A Norwegian named Petter Amundsen has documented a work by the Rosy Cross. This is well documented methods in the first folio of Shakespeare. There are trigger page numbers and trigger words used to pin down the specific places where the codes was applied.
An example would be in Shakespeares I folio, Henry 4th, page 53. 53 is the angle in a 3-4-5 triangle. The angles 37, 53 and 90 degrees represents the 3-4-5 triangle. In the 1st folio, pages number 37 and 53 are obviously used for hidden messages relating to Bacon and the Rosy Cross fraternity. 
On page 53 we see "eggs and butter" on top of what we will see as a circle. We would rather have eggs and Bacon wouldn`t we? In the center it says: I am and at the bottom is Bacon. At the other ends are Bootes and Wain wich are the names of two star constellations. The names comes from From Greek mythology: BOOTES was the agricultural demi-god who invented the wagon and the plough. He was placed amongst the stars by his mother Demeter as the constellation Bootes, and his wagon became the WAIN (Charles`s Wain).
So we see something like: I am Butter, Bacon, Bootes and Wain.
This could of course be explained away as coincidenses and speculation.We would have to find more related to Bacon on other pages 53 and/or 37. And, yes we do.
On another page we get the confirmation, that Rosie Cross uses the 3-4-5 triangle as a "secret shape", and that RC was a part of Shakespeare. Here we read:
Apud Rosie C-R-O-S-S      Meaning: By Rosie Cross!
NB! We must ask ourselves why and how can we can defend that the word "A pudencie" can be split? And why the triangle is placed just where it is? Amundsens methodes seems to be built on "findings".,His findings is in reality a part of a larger system that explaines what he has found and brings us closer to understanding and to be able to prove what is going on. 
Here a 3-4-5 triangle is overlayed:
By solving the Codes of Orffyreus I was able to finally put these findings in to a proper historical system. There has existed an ancient secret based on secondary messages in writings and drawings.These methods is based upon methods proposed by Pythagoras. But they also show that Pythagoras was not the first to use Pythagoras. The secret is even older. We are talking about ancient Egypt and secret knowledge connected to the pyramids and secret geometry and non religious (scientific) beliefs.
Shakespears wrong age on his the bust next to Shakespere's grave. Ætatis (Age) 53
though 52 is the correct age!
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