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The Toypage

Many of the drawings in Orffyreus` personal notebook "Maschinen Tractate" seems to be of a crude type. But when investigated properly it was found that great accuracy was used for secret geometry.
This drawing of five toys has been discussed in private and public discussions for a couple of decades. Over 10 years ago I discovered that the right side of the drawing presents a "counting stick" consisiting of the roman numerals I and II (1 and 2). This becomes evident as soon as we investigate the drawing closer.
The accompanying text say: "5 Children's game, in which there is something extraordinary for anyone who knows how to apply the game in a different way." 
By now disclosing the first hidden "entrance" to the concealed information, I will now prove that this really is "a game" .
Several items line up with a 45 degrees line.
Now we see why the arrowhead and its 45 degrees angle was chosen.
What seems like a cross appears. The cross is confirmed by angles in the picture and "knobs" on the parts. If the X is really symmetrical, it will fit inside a square.
By drawing a vertical line above the dots connected to the roman numerals, we see that when covered by the blue line, the remaining is simply roman numerals!
Now, we will use the Roman numeral "counting-stick" on the right side, to confirm our findings.
We see that it counts I+II+I+II+I+II+I = X
This is the height of the X in the picture.
The observant reader will also notice that that the whole tower of roman I & II adds up to 15.   I+II+I+II+I+II+I+II+I+II = XV (15) or 5 x 3 = 15
From here the road continues and much is to be done in the picture. If you know "the game" ("The Orffyrean Code, or actually the Masonic Code"), it will be easy from here.
The last page of Orffyreus` notebook.
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