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Maschinen tractate

Here I want to show how the triangle from Euclid's Elements, Book IV, proposition 16 was applied to the drawing in Maschinen Tractate (MT) as a part of a hidden code. These are methods never before documented.
Here is the geometric figure that I found hidden in Apologia Poetica from 1717:
Euclids's Elements Book IV propos. 16:
Here in MT drawing number 125 we can see how the letter A is used to indicate accurate geometry. Together with a hand-drawn "X", accurate geometry can be drawn according to the hidden formula. 
The same method can also be found in other drawings. Like here, in MT number xxx. The same type of A is used as a guide for a perfect 60 degrees line, fitting with the hidden formula.
It's now easy to see why letters some times seems to be drawn sloppy or having a strange appearance. So why did Orffyreus do all of this?
Is it part of a larger code making him able to prove his secret invention? So Orffyreus was more than a good craftsman. He even designed a hitherto unknown code, based on an even older "unknown" masonic system.
All of this, the secret code, the system and the historical implications is documented in my book "Two Grails". I seek publisher or other interrested in developing my work.  
Maschinen Tractate
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