Cracking codes

Cracking these codes produced many shocking revelations:
  • An insight into Orffyreus' secret energy invention
  • Albrecht Durer`s code
  • The origin and secret of the Rosy Cross
  • The Shugborough inscription code
  • The Masonic Holy Grail
  • The Jesuits and Jewish connections
  • The Philosophers Stone
  • The origin of the mysteryschool secrets in ancient Egypt and Babylonia.
  • The Freemasons secrets
  • The secret Geometry behind the Freemasons symbols
  • The Rosicrucian code in Shakespeare
  • The Rosicrucian code in King James Version Bible (KJV)
  • How they knew that the Shroud of Turin was faked
  • How Leonardo da Vinci applied those secrets in his paintings
  • How Raphael and Poussin also knew
  • Explaining the ancient codes in modern Freemasonry
  • And alot more..

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