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Erroneous numbering

In Bessler publication "Grundlicher Bericht" he is presenting his wheel operating in Merseburg. The parts are numbered from 1 to 24. The padlock in the drawing is numbered 24. It is also mentioned as number 24 in the parts list.
Then in his next publication "Das Triumphirende Perpetuum Mobile" the drawing of the same wheel (the Merseburg wheel) has been edited. The locks are clearer ,some of the numbers appearance is altered and the fabrikc of the wheels cover is changed. But the biggest change is the number 24. Now written as something that looks like 42. In my opinion, it is impossible to improve a drawing and alter number 24 to this degree, without having som inteligent reason for it! The parts list and the other lock in the drawing still has the correct numbering (24).
We found three different but coinciding reasons for the "erronous" numbering of the lock. indicating the existence of an Orffyrean code, but also hinting at a much older code used by Albrecht Durer. This code was eventually cracked by us in 2015.
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